Reading Half

Quite possibly the wettest race I have taken part in…. ever! 13.1 miles of heavy rain and temperatures somewhere around 6-7 degrees made for a cold and wet half marathon.

The good news is that I managed a PB (note- its only my second proper half, so wasn’t hard to beat my current time). I clocked a 1:46… So having targeted a 1:45 I was pretty pleased. I was really pleased with the consistency of my pace – proving to myself that having a race plan a sticking to it is important (remember this in the desert!!!)

So after running a 1:46 at a comfortable pace, I reckon sub 1:40 is achievable. However I need to keep reminding myself that pace isn’t important at the minute; spending more time on my feet is more valuable. Yesterday’s 13 hour shift on site helped with that! As will next weekend’s festivities – I am off to the New Forest on Saturday to take part in a Questars 5hr Adventure Race! Bike, kayak, bike, run, bike…

Time for some foam roller action!

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