1000 Miles and 28 Years

I racked up the 1000th mile in my MDS training; running, cycling, kayaking, walking, rowing, elliptical, spinning… you name it, I’ve been doing it! And that’s not to mention the endless hours of circuit training and gym work that doesn’t give me any mileage! Anything that can mildly replicate the strain of running 250km in the desert is on the agenda! With no particular events lined up for May, the focus has been on getting the weekly mileage up- I’m currently hitting 35 miles (55km) per week and I’m feeling pretty good. No injuries, just lots of aches and tiredness after the long runs (18-23miles).

Liam and I spent an awesome Saturday morning pounding the roads and trails around Boxhill, Surrey. The name leaves nothing to the imagination- it’s a hill and a big one at that.

View from the top of Boxhill

The views were well worth the hard climbs!

So 2 hours of hill reps and trail running later, we were well and truly knackered! The motivation of racing lycra clad roadies to the top was brilliant- our short, steep sprints up the trail route vs. their long winding, smooth tarmac roads provided a fair, light hearted competition – we even got a few “well dones” from a Bianchi clad crew! A good days training and a good reminder that churning our stacks of miles on the roads and trails isn’t enough- we need lots of hill work, more hill work, and then some more hill work. Power walking is also on the list.

I also celebrated my 28th Birthday with short 5miler on the treadmill wearing thermals leggings, hoody, beanie and thermal base layer – definitely earned the chocolate cake! The following morning the “celebrations” continued as I ticked over the 1000 mile mark! It’s a little sad, but quite exciting really- considering 6 months of last year were spent waiting for my hip injury to sort itself out.  I’m hoping the next 10months rack up at least another 1000 miles, if not more!

Next month I’m heading to Wales for my first Marathon. As usual, I’m ‘in for a penny in for a pound’ … it’s a trail marathon in Snowdonia National Park. I figured I’d save my first road marathon for an occasion where I can train with that as the goal and post a good time. Next month’s race will be about completing in a steady time. I may even take a stroll up Snowdon as a recovery walk the following day!

Fingers Crossed!

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