Brutal but Beautiful

As I said in the previous post, Trail Marathon Wale is a tough marathon. It’s hilly, it’s rocky, it’s narrow, it’s rooty, it ‘s tree lined, it’s slippery, it’s windy… Oh and it’s 26.2mile long.

An awesome race, that was a good first test of my endurance. It was tough going but not ridiculous. I finished in 4:56:12. I was very happy to be inside the 5hr mark.

I had set out wanting sub4:45… But that was based on nothing more than a guess. A couple of the 3hr marathoners that I know finished in the 3:50-4:15 region. With that in mind in very happy with my time.

Garmin connect details:

A cool memento from the trail marathon; a wooden “medal”/coaster. Makes a nice difference to the classic metal on a ribbon.

Next major stop on the training programme is the Lakeland50 (

In the meantime a quick bleep test at the office today and scored 10.6… Will be interesting to re-test without marathon legs under me!

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