So it’s only when you step back and try do something normal thing do you realise how obsessed with the MDS you have become! Packing for a relaxing all-inclusive holiday in Egypt quickly turned into optimising my luggage weight in order to pack my runners, water bottles, electrolyte tabs, books about running, running hat, I even tried to order sand gaiters on next day delivery to test them in the desert! The MDS is taking over, but I love it!


Whilst in Egypt I managed to get out for 3 training runs. In an attempt to make them as hard as possible without abandoning Lucy for hours on end, I waited for the temperature to peak just after midday and then headed out for just short of 10km runs. The heat was surprisingly OK, even with the reflected heat off the Tarmac/sand/buildings – I could still knock out a decent pace. The sand on the other hand, that is just energy sapping! Pace drops through the floor and your calves take a pounding!

The good news… We have sand in the UK! If I struggled with the heat I would be panicking, as it is hard/expensive to train for that…. But it was largely OK. I’m feeling confident that if I focus my training on hills and sand I will do just fine!!! All I need to do now is find a big sandy hill!!!! Or someone to throw sand onto a treadmill for 3hours at a time 🙂


Next up in the “training” is a 36 mile race in the Brecon Beacons. I’ll update soon on the planning for that!

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