10 Peaks Preparations

So the preparations for the Clif Bar 10 Peaks Brecons have really started:


Carb loading at the airport before a work trip. Pancakes, porridge and fresh orange juice. I feel slightly nauseous, but I can sleep it off on the flight knowing that the carbs will serve me well come the weekend.

Aside from stuffing myself full of food, I’ve been doing some more sensible prep work.


Hmmm…It’s not until you plot it out on an OS map that you realise how much ground ultra-marathons cover! Not to mentioned the mountains, open fells and those tightly packed contour lines! Over the course of 36 miles we’ll be ascending and descending 10 of the biggest peaks in South Wales!

Some of the more famous climbs include:
Fan Fawr, 734 meters
Fan Llia, 632 meters
Fan Frynych, 629 meters
Corn Du, 873 meters
Pen y Fan, 886 meters
Cribyn, 795 meters
Fan y Big, 719 meters

In terms of physical preparation, I haven’t had the ideal build up to the race: a 2week summer holiday, a manic first week back at work and now a heavy cold. Hopefully I can shake it off this week whilst I load up on carbs and vitamins! If not, it’s tough shit…

Big Baz sounds like he’s in good shape. Took a little convincing to get him onboard for this race, but he’s game! He’s very prepared (as always) and has been scouting the route on YouTube (it served us well for the Lakeland50!).

We’re hoping to be all done in 15hours, but we’ll wait and see what the weather is like. Poor visibility, rain or a hot day can scupper those plans quite quickly! (Note: I’ve got all the excuses in early incase we are much slower than we hope!)

Should be an interesting weekend! Bring it on…

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