I can’t quite believe this:  In 5 months time I will  be crossing the finish line of the MdS 2014 (well, at least I hope I will be!). Where have the last 12 months gone….. 1800 miles of training, that’s where!


OK, so I have set up this blog to document the trials and tribulations of the next 18 months. In April 2014 I’ll be running the MdS. For the unaquianted that’s the Marathon des Sables; a 260km multiday race in the desert. It’s bascially 6 marathons in 1 week…. in the Sahara Desert.

I’ve never blogged before, I’ve never tweeted and I’ve never run a marathon, so today it begins. I’m now blogging and tweeting. The marathons will come in due course and I endeavour to keep folk up to speed on progress.

Hopefully a few people will either find my blog interesting, useful or entertaining. At the very least it’ll be something to remind me of the highs and lows…

So here we go!Profile_1Likeys Logo Small

8 thoughts on “Introductions…

    • Cheers Tress! NZ might be a bit far- but I would love to come and do some mountain marathons out there! How about we meet in south Lincolnshire and walk home next time you’re back 😉 Maybe this time I’ll bring the right fluid for the trangia!

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