Everyone keeps asking “Why?”.

Well, it started out as a personal ambition. I remember seeing coverage of the TV  on Transworld Sport back in the 90s; my dad must have been watching it on a Sunday morning. Since then it had been a lingering thought, until a friend mentioned that the cousin of his sister-in-law’s dog walker’s  brother was running the MdS in 2012 (or was it his bother?). From there, it has snowballed into a bit of an obsession. A drunken night before a stag do in early 2012 and Liam was in. Since then, I have never looked back (well, may be once or twice).

Whilst we’re at it [running 250km in the desert], we figure we had best put all these 5ks, 10ks, half- normal- and ultra marathons to good use. Therefore we have decided to raise money for the Evelina Childrens’ Hospital.  The Evelina is part of the Guys and St. Thomas Hospital in London and does a fantatic job of making hospital life more child friendly.  

Evelina Children's Hospital

Evelina Childrens’ Hospital – a fun place to be!

The hospital is designed by chidren, for children! Bright colours, a child firendly layout, lots of play space, music lessons, Ronald McDonald house for family stay-overs and some of the best paediatricians in the country! The Evelina caters for infants though to teenagers and is a hugely worthwhile cause; one you hope you never have to use. But if you or your familiy ever need the Evelina, you know you’ll be in great hands! 

Evelina Children's Hospital

Evelina Childrens’ Hospital

Hopefully in exchange for the blood, sweat, blisters and pain that we are experiencing in perparation for and during the MdS, you can do an awesome thing and sposor us! I know loads of people ask for sponsorship these days, but hopefully this event stands out as a little different and worth a few quid!  Every pound (up to the equivalent of $5,000) will be matched my my employer – so dig deep and make sure I to get the most out of them! 

JustGiving - Sponsor me now!

Thank you!!! 

Rob, Liam and everyone at the Evelina Childrens’ Hospital

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