Good Luck MDS 2013 Runners

Today the competitors of the 2013 Marathon des Sables will arrive at first bivouac…. 1year from now that will be me! #gulp


I’ll be tracking 6 runners through the desert…
•728 – @TobiasMews
•634 – @starterfor10
•577 – @roddyriddle
•669 – @_wayde
•876 – @alijyoung
•692 – @mjgreenfield1

I’ve only met one of these people in real life…. The others are “just” twitter people that I stalk for training and equipment ideas!

My reckoning is that Tobias Mews will place in the top 20 overall.. Certainly the top Brit or two. I also think @starterfor10 will be pushing hard with the top women! @Roddyriddle is a type 1 diabetic… Awesome work to even be at the start line! And the rest…. Well, lets see!

Bring on the start!

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